Take control of your pet’s health


DIABETES?    Cushing’s Disease?    Kidney problems?


Are your pet’s current treatments no longer working?

Do you have unanswered questions about your pet’s health?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider consulting a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist in Internal Medicine

What is a Veterinary Specialist?

Many pet owners are unaware that Veterinary Specialists exist in addition to regular veterinarians. Like human medicine specialists, veterinary specialists have many years of additional training and expertise within certain fields. Some of the common veterinary specialties include: Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Cardiology, Oncology, Surgery and Ophthalmology. Click here to get a full listing of common veterinary specialties.

Ask your regular veterinarian about a referral to a local Veterinary Specialist.   Veterinary Specialists are usually found in larger urban areas, sometimes making it difficult for pet owners that live outside larger U.S. cities to get veterinary specialty care.  If you do not have a Veterinary Specialist locally, consider a consultation with Dr. Donna, a board-certified Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist.  A consultation with  Dr.  Donna is intended to be performed in conjunction with your veterinarian’s participation and it is important that your veterinarian is involved in the consultation and follow-up. 

Dr. Donna’s mission is to bring Veterinary Specialty care
directly to every pet and pet owner—regardless of location!

What does Dr. Donna offer?

  • Medical and nutrition consultations for your pet
  • Weight loss programs that work!
  • Articles that help you understand your pet’s medical condition
  • Don’t need a full consultation? Ask Dr. Donna a question…

When is a consultation recommended?

  • You are concerned about your pet’s condition for any reason
  • Your pet has chronic, complicated, uncommon or undiagnosed problems
  • Current treatments are not going well or as expected

Are you unsure if your pet would benefit from a consultation with a Veterinary Specialist? Email Dr. Donna.

Dr. Donna is trusted by many…

  • She helps over 60 general veterinarians across the country manage difficult medical cases every week
  • Dr. Donna provides continuing education for over 2,000 veterinarians every month
  • She is the chief veterinary advisor to Halo, Purely for Pets; a prominent holistic pet food company co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres
  • Award-winning author and radio show host, Tracie Hotchner, trusts Dr. Donna as her Veterinary Consultant on her DOG TALK® and CAT CHAT® national radio shows.
  • Dr.  Donna shares pet healthcare information regularly on MY BUDDY BUTCH radio show hosted by award-winning author of My Buddy Butch:  Confessions of a New Dog Dad, Jeff Marginean.
  • Dr. Donna donates nutrition information to Freekibble and other charitable pet organizations.

Read what pet owners are saying about Dr. Donna

  • “You have done more with your deep knowledge, humanity and commitment for us then anyone can ask for. We are all VERY grateful for that!!!” — Anna-Carin & Fredrik, Sweden
  • “Thank you so much for your commitment, I can't express how much this is helping, and what a pleasure it has been talking with you. I feel really good about the plan we have created for Toby.” — Sabrina, Canada
  • “I wish my own Dr. was as thorough and compassionate as you.” — Susan, New York
  • Read more pet owner testimonials

Let Dr. Donna help you take control of your pet’s health


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